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Air Conditioning Cleaning & Service In Brisbane Should You Do It?

Updated: Feb 26

When it comes to Air Conditioning Maintenance, Cleaning & Servicing the most common question we get asked is should I do it. The simple answer is Yes, you most definitely should be getting a professional Air Conditioning Cleaning & Service in Brisbane at least once per year.


For starters if your Air Conditioning System is starting to look like this then that is the Air you are breathing in every time you use it.

Regular cleaning & servicing ensures that you Air Conditioning works to the best of its ability ensuring you have the best comfort possible.

Warranty, Servicing is almost always a condition of Warranty so if you have had a new Air Conditioning unit installed and you haven't kept up with the Manufacturers warranty conditions you could have warranty claim rejected.

Managing potential costs, with East Coast Electrical Contractors when we provide an Air Conditioning Clean or Service whether it is a Split System or a Ducted Air Con we always give you a FREE Inspection, letting you know about things such as Rodents, Gassing or any other issues that could result in future costs.

Insurance, by having regular cleaning & servicing you can manage costs & have expert advise & our inspection to help support an insurance claim for your Air Conditioning.

So yes you should be having regular cleaning & servicing done of your Air Conditioning Units. Why not Contact Us for A free quote.

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